How To Organize Your Diaper Bag

How To Organize Your Diaper Bag

Some moms shove everything in their diaper bags and get out the door, while others are meticulous and organized with everything in a specific place. No matter what style you prefer, we have a few diaper bag packing tips that every mom should hear.

Diaper Bag Must-Haves

When packing the perfect diaper bag, there are a couple of essential items that every mom should include.

Baby Bibs

Bibs have a multitude of functions, including catching drool, keeping clothes clean, and if they have a pocket like our vegan leather bibs, a place for snacks! This gives your baby some independence and helps keep them busy when in the car, or while sitting in a restaurant.

Changing Mat

A vegan leather changing mat is a must-have! Comfortably change your baby’s diaper in the trunk of the car, on the grass at the park, or on the sand at the beach. Makes diaper changing way less stressful and the vegan leather is super soft on baby skin. 


Duh! The whole point of a diaper bag. We like to keep at least 4 diapers with us at all times. They are easy to slip into one of the Yuuma bags, many pockets, or just lay them flat at the bottom.


Butts, mouths, hands. Baby wipes are one of those items that moms cannot live without. Most come in super convenient resealable packages so they are easy to throw into your diaper bag or keep in the car.

Baby Cream

Diaper rash is caused by wet or soiled diapers. It occurs when urine or stool in the diaper irritates the baby’s skin, making it tender and red. Diaper cream and ointments help heal the skin. Baby wipes can also dry the skin out, this cream helps put the moisture back in.


Park plays, the grandparent’s house, the mall, wherever you may be, the kids will get hungry. You’ll never regret packing a snack to avoid a meltdown in public before you’re able to get some lunch or dinner.

Hand Sanitizer

This was a must-have before a global pandemic, so now it’s essential! When you’re out and about, shopping, eating, or visiting with friends and family, it’s always best to continuously wash your hands and sanitize. This is for your health and your babies. Clip some hand-sanny to the outside of your bag, or fit it comfortably in one of the many pockets!


These are just some of the essential items you would hate to pack in your diaper bag. You know your baby best and what they will and won’t need while you are out and about. For a full list of our diaper bag essentials check out our blog, All New Moms Need These 14 Diaper Bag Essentials.

Organizing Your Diaper Bag

To have a successful day out with your baby it is imperative that your diaper bag is organized for easy retrieval of necessary items. While there are many different ways to pack your Yuuma bag, here are some of our top tips that can help keep you organized and stress-free.

Designate Pockets

Pack your diaper bag in zones. Decide which pockets are going to hold what, and keep them there. Snack section, diaper and wipes section, toy section, and so on. The more you move things around the more often you will lose things and end up ripping the bag apart to find the wipes or pacifier. One pocket for wipes and diapers, another for snacks, and don’t forget a pocket for all your Mom stuff! 

In the Yuuma diaper bag, there is a secret compartment at the back of the bag. This one is perfect for things you might not need but should have anyways. Like a change of clothes for yourself in case of a baby diaper, or a baby vomit explosion.

Travel-Sized Containers

For baby lotion, hand sanitizer, or any other wet liquid, try to buy in bulk and then refill travel-sized bottles. These bottles fit way better in a diaper bag, and buying in bulk can also help you save money. Not to mention this can help reduce plastic waste.


Put the least important things at the bottom of your diaper bag, and the most important things in pockets and easy-to-grab locations. Fold your blankets, changing mat, and diapers like documents in a filing cabinet. This way you can spot everything just from glancing at your open diaper bag.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Vegan Leather Diaper Bag

One of the best ways to keep your diaper bag clean and organized is to completely empty it out every once in a while. This helps you to get out all the leftover garbage, old snacks, and unnecessary toys that have made their way into your diaper bag.

If you’re wanting to deep clean your vegan leather bag there are a few top tips you should keep in mind:

  1. Patch test: Rub some cleaning products that you plan on using in a small area of the vegan leather. If you notice any discoloration or markings, don’t use that product.
  2. Spot clean with dish soap: Use a clean white cloth if possible as they are super gentle. Toothbrushes on raised faux leather can also be great for getting into all the groves.
  3. Remove excess water: While vegan leather is water-resistant you don’t want water or cleaning chemicals sitting on the vegan leather for extended periods.
  4. Baby oil! Use a nickel-sized amount on a dry cloth and condition the leather. Rub it on and then leave it to absorb and dry.
  5. Limit sun exposure. While vegan leather handles the sun way better than real leather, it can dry out the bag over time.
  6. Stuff it full! To help the bag keep its shape, keep it full. This will stop it from slouching and developing cracks or seams.

Luckily vegan faux leather is super durable and can handle basically anything you throw its way. With a little bit of love, there is no reason these diaper bags can’t last you decades. Check out our entire collection of vegan leather diaper bags and vegan leather baby accessories. There is a color for every mom to express her personal style as both a woman and a mom.

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