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How to Clean & Treat Vegan Leather Diaper Bags & Baby Accessories

Women take pride in their bags and want to keep them appearing spotless and well cared for. But diaper bags can be known to get into some sticky, smelly situations. This is why a vegan leather bag is perfect for busy moms. They are super easy to clean, and keep clean!

Cleaning Vegan Leather

Here are some of our top vegan leather cleaning tips that can be used on our Yuuma diaper bags and baby accessories, vegan leather bibs, and baby changing mats. While vegan leather is super durable, a deep clean every once in a while always feels good.

Patch Test Your Cleaning Products

Pick a part of the leather that is not usually seen, so on the inside, behind a strap, wherever, and do a patch test. Rub some cleaning products that you plan on using in the area. If you notice any discoloration or markings, don’t use that product! Better safe than sorry.

Remove Noticeable Spots

As soon as you notice something on the faux leather it’s best to wipe it right away. Use a baby wipe that is probably already in the bag, and get rid of any baby boogies, coffee spots, dirt, etc.

Spot Clean With Dish Soap

Use a small amount of soap and water to spot clean any bigger spots or stains. Use a clean white cloth if possible as they are super gentle. Toothbrushes on raised faux leather can also be great for getting into all the groves.

Q-Tips For The Hardware

Q-tips are the best for getting into the groves of any engraving on the bag, sometimes etched into the metal hardware. Dirt and who knows what will find its way into every crevice. With some dish soap, water, and a q-tip, your bag will shine like the day you bought it!

Remove Excess Water

After you’re done cleaning your Yuuma bag just make sure to remove any excess water. While vegan leather is water-resistant you don’t want water or cleaning chemicals sitting on the vegan leather for extended periods. After you wipe off the excess, just let it sit and air dry.

Treating Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is super easy to maintain and can last you forever. But if you want to ensure it’s long life, there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Baby oil! Use a nickel-sized amount on a dry cloth and condition the leather. Rub it on and then leave it to absorb and dry.

  2. Limit sun exposure. While vegan leather handles the sun way better than real leather, it can dry out the bag over time.

  3. Stuff it full! To help the bag keep its shape, keep it full. This will stop it from slouching and developing cracks or seams.

Cleaning The Inside Of The Bag

Many vegan leather bags will have a fabric inside, just like our Yuuma bag. While our diaper bags come equipped with a water-proofed lining, every mom knows that at some point a spill, leak, dirty diaper explosion, or random stain will put it to the test!

Patch Test & Scotch Guard

Just like on the outside of the bag, you should do a patch test with the cleaning product you plan on using. Ensure that no staining or discoloration is happening.

You should also think about using Scotch Guard on any fabric parts of the bag before you use it. Carefully follow the instructions on the Scotch Guard can, as failure to do so can cause harm to your bag. Tide pens can also prove to be lifesavers!

Dish Soap & Water

Just like for the outside of the bag, diluted dish soap and water are safe and effective. Blue Dawn is super gentle when diluted. Rub the stain until the soap turns white and frothy, then rub away with a clean, dry cloth.

How To Get Out The Tough Stains

  • Crayons or lipstick: Rubbing alcohol or witch hazel
  • Markers: Dish soap
  • Paint or ink stains: rubbing alcohol
  • Liquid foundation: 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • Non-oil-based makeup like blush and eyeshadow: Baby shampoo

No matter the mess, our vegan leather diaper bags, and baby accessories are high-quality and durable. They will last you years and years! Shop our Yuuma Collection today.

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