14 Diaper bag essentials a mom needs

All New Moms Need These 14 Diaper Bag Essentials

When packing your diaper bag, you might be a minimal mom or a maximal mom. No matter which, there are some items we deem necessary for every diaper bag. Here is our list of the top 14 diaper bag essentials: 

Diapers (How Many Do I Need?)

We will cross this one off the list first as it is pretty obvious. Although you wouldn’t be alone if you got to grandma’s house only to discover the diaper bag had no diapers!

Now the amount of diapers you need depends on the age of your child. For 0-6 months we recommend keeping it stocked with about 8 at all times. For 12-24 months, 3-4 diapers should be enough, until they are done with potty training. But for a while, better safe than sorry.

Baby Wipes

Never a good feeling forgetting the wipes! Wetting a paper towel or some toilet paper is just not the same. It can also irritate your baby’s skin. We recommend keeping a package of wipes with you at all times. Make sure to always have backup wipes in the car as well! 

Baby Cream

Diaper rash, also called diaper dermatitis, is caused by wet or soiled diapers. It occurs when urine or stool in the diaper irritates the baby’s skin, making it tender and red. Diaper cream and ointments help heal the skin. Baby wipes can also dry the skin out, this cream helps put the moisture back in.

If you’re concerned about your baby’s diaper rash, it’s always best to contact your doctor before experimenting with different creams.


Changing Pad

This might be the best thing you ever purchase as a new mom. It makes a diaper change less stressful when out in public. Whip the pad out and change them in the car, on the grass, wherever! It keeps the baby comfortable and is more sanitary. Here is a list of some top diaper-changing mats.


Disposal Bags

These are to put used diapers or other trash in. These come in handy when you’re out camping, or somewhere without garbage cans. We like to use compostable garbage bags or use up leftover grocery store bags.



A pacifier is a lifeline for new moms, especially when out and about. If your baby needs a pacifier to sleep in public we recommend bringing at least two with you in case one magically flies out of the stroller.


There are hooks you can find for the inside of your diaper bag, or a pacifier holder case to clip to the side. These save you from digging pacifiers out from the bottom of the bag, and can also help keep them clean. 


Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are a definite diaper bag essential for newborns! If they have a milk explosion all over you, you’ll be grateful you had that burn cloth protecting your clothes! These cloths are usually quite thin and are easy to fold or roll-up. Toss a few in the hidden bottom pocket of your Yuuma diaper bag.


Hand Sanitizer

This was a must-have before a global pandemic, so now it’s essential! When you’re out and about, shopping, eating, or visiting with friends and family, it’s always best to continuously wash your hands and sanitize. This is for your health and your babies. Clip some hand-sanny to the outside of your bag, or fit it comfortably in one of the many pockets!


Food And Snacks! (For Baby & For You)

Park plays, the grandparent’s house, the mall, wherever you may be, the kids will get hungry. You’ll never regret packing a snack to avoid a meltdown in public before you’re able to get some lunch or dinner.
If your baby is a newborn and breastfeeding, then pack some snacks for you! It can be exhausting hauling a carrier or stroller around. Take advantage of all the storage in the Yuuma bag and pack yourself a snack! Remember that hidden compartment mentioned earlier? Stuff it full of mom snacks and essentials!


Change Of Clothes

Explosions happen. And they usually happen at the most inconvenient of times. Good thing your bag is already packed with wipes, diapers, and a change of clothes! This is also great for when the weather makes a sudden change and the baby is either getting too cold or too hot in their current outfit.


Baby Hat & Sunscreen

Sun protection is a must in the summers for sensitive, fresh baby skin. Especially during the summer if you plan on being out in the sun for an extended period. This also allows the baby to leave the protection of their carrier and crawl in the grass, splash in the water, and enjoy the sunshine.


Light Blanket

If your little one decides it’s nap time when you are out a blanket can be great. Many babies may need a blanket to comfort them and keep them calm, especially when it’s not so calm around them in the outside world. This is also awesome when the weather changes and the baby needs a bit more warmth. Roll up a blankie and keep it in one of your diaper bags compartments, or lay flat at the bottom to save space.



A toy is something that as a new mother you may not initially want to haul around with you. But having your baby’s favorite toy can be perfect to comfort them, or distract them! On public transport or in restaurants a baby will get bored and might look for additional stimulation. Handing them one of their fave toys can solve a meltdown waiting to happen!


Bandaid & Minor First Aid

This is more essential once the baby grows into a toddler, but accidents happen! Bandaids and an antibacterial ointment are great to keep in the diaper bag for just-in-case scenarios. You will probably end up using a few of the bandaids yourself, cause again, accidents happen.


Tips For Organizing Your Diaper Bag

Now that you have a diaper bag checklist, you need to organize your diaper bag!
  1. Layering. Put the least used items at the bottom and important near the top.
  2. Pack in ‘zones’. One pocket is always for snacks, the other is always for diapers, the next, wipes and creams. 
  3. Clean it out! Dump the bag empty and repack. This helps you dispose of unneeded items, garbage, or old snacks.
  4. Roll up the blankies and stuff in a compartment, or lay flat at the bottom if used rarely.


A good diaper bag will go a long way when it comes to organizing your baby’s things, and life! Our Yuuma diaper bag was made for the modern mother, and celebrating them! The bag comes in different colors allowing every mom to match it to her personality or wardrobe. Every woman deserves a bag she loves, and that loves her back! 


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