Our Story


Definition: Motherin a respectful tone.

Origin: Nigeria.

“Yuuma”, is a bold and unapologetic way of owning our roles as mothers without letting go of our individuality.

It is also believing in ourselves as women first.

Yuuma was born through the desire to continue serving mothers.

About Yuuma's Founder

With her hobby as a content creator Yuuma’s founder, Donnya Negera, was able to grow a community of mothers through her influence. Her voice and her story have even reached Parent's magazine, giving Donnya a place in the Top 10 Black Mom Bloggers to follow on instagram!

Behind the scenes, being a mother has always been her first priority. After her first child, Donnya knew that there had to be a better diaper bag design that offered more freedom and space for mothers, so she designed her own! Yuuma’s vegan leather diaper bag not only looks sleek and stylish, but has loads of pockets and storage.

Our crafted, faux leather diaper bags are tailored for mothers through all stages of motherhood. Whether you have just one child or are a mother of two toddlers, our vegan leather diaper bags are suited for YOU.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer diaper bags and baby accessories that are not only functional but designed to highlight each mother as an individual. We are so used to traditional designs that lock us in the “Mother” label, drowning our sense of self-expression and uniqueness.. But that ends here.

We want mothers to feel independent and present while also doing what they do best. Our line of premium faux leather diaper bags and baby accessories are designed for those who are not just mothers, but women who play multiple roles in their busy lives.

From mompreneurs, working mothers, and stay-at-home moms, we are all tackling more than one role everyday! So when using our diaper bags moms can step out into the world with no restraints and feel confident while doing so!

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