What to pack for the beach

What to Pack for a Beach Trip with Your Baby

First time to the beach with your baby can be so exciting! The sand, the sun, the water, the people. It is all very exciting. However it can also be stressful knowing what you need and what you should pack. 

In this post we cover what you need to know for baby beach days and the must-have items to stuff your diaper bag full of. 

What You Need To Know Before You Go

There are a couple of things parents should think of before heading to the beach to make sure the baby is happy and comfortable. This makes the beach more enjoyable for everyone.

Napping Outside

Don't be surprised if your baby doesn’t fall asleep outside, especially on a hot day. This can be super easy for us, but not so easy for our little ones. They are used to a cool, dark, quiet room for naps - so we can hardly blame them.

If possible, plan beach time around nap time. If you’re going to do an entire day it would be worth getting a baby tent or something to shield the sun more than just an umbrella. This can entice them to try napping, especially after nursing.

Sunscreen Allergies

Some babies might be sensitive to different sunscreens and lotions. The last thing you want is to cover your baby head to toe for them to then have an allergic reaction. You can put a little bit on your baby’s arm or leg a few days before the beach and watch for any redness. If your baby does react, talk to your pediatrician as they will have different brand recommendations to try out instead.

What To Include In Your Diaper Bag

A modern diaper bag is a must-have. You need something big enough to fit the essentials, but not so big it feels like a suitcase. Our faux leather diaper bag is the perfect solution. The Yuuma diaper bag can carry it all! Stuff her full she can handle it!

The vegan leather material of our bags is super durable and can withstand sitting in the sand, being in the sun, and getting a little wet. Caring for vegan leather is super simple and easy for busy moms, check out this post for some after-care details, tips and tricks.

Every beach diaper bag should always include:

Baby Sunscreen

This is a given, but lather that baby up! They have soft, fresh skin so they can be more sensitive to the sun. This can also help keep them cool when playing in the sand or out in the water.

Milk, Juice, Water

Hydration, hydration, hydration! It will be hot and a dehydrated baby is a cranky baby. Keeping them full of liquids keeps them cool and more comfortable in the sun.

Baby Shoes 

The sand is super hot on little feet. If your baby is learning to walk or is already running around the beach, sandshoes can be a lifesaver. This also gives your baby some independence when out at the beach they can explore without being carried.

Swim Diapers

When a baby has to go, they gotta go! Swim diapers are great to help keep the beach or the pool clean while allowing your baby to have fun. Change their wet diaper as soon as possible. Letting them sit for too long in their wet diaper can cause water and sand to sit against their skin causing rashes. A dry bum is a happy bum.

Lots of Wipes

No matter where you go we will always recommend a package of wipes to take along. This makes changing diapers on the beach way easier. Wiping up popsicle faces and hands. They are also awesome for getting rid of sand off of your baby in case they hate the sensation.

Wet Bag

This one can go overlooked, but when you remember the one you feel like super mom. This is to dispose of all the wipes and wet diapers you might go through. A good wet bag can be tossed back into the diaper bag without getting anything else wet. But worst case just use a plastic bag and toss it in the garbage on your way home.

Vegan Leather Changing Mat

A must-have. Packing a changing mat in your diaper bag is a game-changer for dirty diapers. Gives your baby a clean, cool surface. Yuuma’s vegan leather changing mat is water-resistant and can withstand the elements - so if it gets wet, or is left in the sun, it is fine! Give it a quick wipe and it’s clean and ready to be packed up. 

Have Fun!

The beach is for fun and exploration. Your little ones get to experience water, maybe some fish, and the sand - so exciting for them! Ya, you might forget something, but as long as your baby is comfortable and happy, you’re winning.

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