Best tips for traveling with a baby

Our Best Tips For Air Travel With Your Baby

Every parent can agree that travelling with a baby, or even the thought of travelling with a baby can be daunting. Going through security and ensuring you didn’t pact any liquids accidentally. Dealing with flight delays and moving gates. And now, pandemic protocols.

Travelling without kids is stressful at the best of times! But if you show up prepared, travelling with the kids can be surprisingly manageable. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help your travels go as smoothly as possible.

What You Need To Know Before You Go

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can offer you is to do research and know what to expect before you show up!

Breast milk?

Parents are permitted to bring breast milk in quantities greater than 100 ml provided it is presented to the screening officer for inspection before the screening. Have it ready to provide to the TSA agent when going through security and make sure you don’t go over the permitted amount.

Curbside Check-in

Curbside check-in will save your life. Ditch the stroller, carrier, and all the bags as quickly as possible. Believe us, waiting in line to check-in is not easier. Most airports now have loads of places to check your bags and print your boarding passes if you want a physical copy. We also recommend pre-checking in on your phone.

Confirm Carry-on Allowance

The worst thing would be getting to the gate only to have the agent tell you that you have too many bags to board. You would either have to ditch a bag or pay a crazy extra charge - no thanks! Most airlines offer a personal item for each person. So you will typically be fine with the diaper bag and a purse but if your gate agent is having an off day, you’re better off guaranteeing the allowance before you test your luck.

Tips For Packing For Your Flight

A good rule of thumb for travelling. Free hands = happiness. 

Your diaper bag will be your best friend. You only have two hands, so the freer your hands can stay the better your journey will be. Our Yuuma bags can be worn as backpacks, freeing up your hands. We also recommend investing in a baby carrier instead of a stroller. This keeps your hands free. 

Certain things should always be in your bag. Use this checklist before you leave for the airport.

Make Sure Your Diaper Bag Is Your Carry-On

This is a no-brainer but worth mentioning. Your diaper bag is the magical bag that keeps the baby happy. Our Yuuma diaper bag has pockets for snacks, games, blankets, bibs and toys. There are also compartments for your stuff like your laptop, i-pad or a book for when the baby naps.

You can wear the Yuuma bag more comfortably than a backpack. It is not bulky and has a smart design to be sleek and durable.

Bring Plenty Of Snacks 

Snacks make everyone happy, especially babies. This is a great way to keep them quiet during TSA or at the gate but also keeps them busy while on the plane. Pack something easy and lightweight, like baby crackers. They are easy to clean up and won’t be too heavy to carry around with you. 

Little snacks are great to stuff into our vegan leather baby bibs that have a pocket. This gives your little one some independence while travelling allowing them to snack as they please. This also gives you a break on the plane to enjoy a snack yourself.

Bring More Diapers Than You Usually Need

The worst thing would be running out of diapers. Maybe your baby has been drinking milk or juice all flight and goes to the bathroom more than usual. But the common reason people run out of diapers is delayed travel. If you’re stuck on a plane or in an airport for even 2 hours more than you were planning, this could be a diaper dilemma.

The Yuuma bag has plenty of space to shove full of diapers, even a secret zip compartment at the bottom of the bag. Your partner should also have a couple stashed somewhere in their carry-on as well, just in case.

Extra Outfit For Baby, And You

Diaper explosions always happen at the worst of times. Being stuck with a naked baby on a plane is not many parent’s first choices - especially if you’re landing in Chicago in December…

Roll up a few onesies or pyjamas, or lay them at the bottom of the Yuuma. It will offer so much peace of mind to know if things get a little messy, you’ve got the solution to keep your baby comfortable.

Pack an extra shirt or some leggings for yourself as well. In case of a spit-up accident, spilt milk etc. You must stay comfortable as well.

Avoid Noisy Games And Toys

You don’t want to be those parents. Respecting the other passengers on the plane is important, so a toy that sings songs or makes loud beeping noises is best left at home. Bring your baby’s comfort blanket or animal and set them up with a movie, snacks and maybe a book. 

Believe us, if you try to pack too many toys you will regret it. Not only will your baby most likely not use them, but they are heavy and uncomfortable to lug around. Soft plushies are always fun - wait and pick one out at the airport after security. This plushy can also double as a keepsake for the trip! 

Don’t Over-Stress

What will be will be. Don’t stress too much and try to enjoy the experience with your baby! 

If you’re super-stressed your baby will pick up on that and could then cause them to have a meltdown. Making the plane experience fun for your baby can do wonders for their mental state throughout the journey.

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