Things you would never think to put in your diaper bag

Things You Would Never Think to Put in Your Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a magical place full of must-haves, might-needs, and just-in-case items. Most moms are covered when it comes to the diaper bag essentials. But what about those things you never thought you would need, but that you do not constantly need?

Here is our list of the top items that should make their way into your diaper bag:

A Change Of Clothes For You

Baby’s have accidents from the front and the back. And you never know when it’s coming. We always think to pack the baby a change of clothes in case this happens, but often overlook the fact an explosion might occur while holding our baby.

Easy items to pack would be a t-shirt dress, leggings, shorts and a tank, whatever you can easily roll up and pack in your diaper bag. Our vegan leather Yuuma diaper bag has a bottom compartment perfect to roll up a casual dress, or an extra tee shirt. It can be your secret mom compartment.

Nursing pads

If you’re out and about and spring a leak, or need to replace your pads, it’s a scary feeling to realize you forgot to pack them. Keep a couple tucked into the pocket of your Yuuma bag just in case. Nursing pads are kinda like tampons - You always have plenty until you need them.


Bibs have a couple of different purposes. Pack a couple for a dribbler, or some for mealtime. Our vegan leather baby bibs come with a pocket, perfect to put some snacks and let the baby feed themselves all while their outfit stays clean. Win-win.

vegan leather bib

Hair Ties

Maybe your little one spits up all over your hair, but you’re at the mall and still have things to get done - tie it up! Or maybe you’re at the park and things get a little windy - tie it up! Whether you’re a mom or not, extra hair ties are never a bad idea. 

Hand Sanitizer

In today’s world this is kinda a no-brainer but often overlooked. Attach one to the side of your bag or slide travel-sized ones into one of the many pockets or compartments.

Phone Charger

There are outlets everywhere these days so packing a charger is always worth it. The more charge your phone has the more cute pics of the baby you can capture! A portable charger is also a game-changer.

Wet Bag

Diapers and wet wipes are messy - but if you're nowhere near the garbage what do you do?! A wet bag is perfect so you can keep your diaper bag clean and dry while transporting the wet garbage. Once you get home, dump the contents and rinse the bag. This wet bag is our favorite!

Water Bottle

Everyone gets thirsty and it’s important to stay hydrated especially if you’re breastfeeding. You’ve got to take care of yourself first. Hydration is even more important during these hot summer months. Pack a reusable bottle with you, most restaurants will fill it for free and many cities are introducing filtered public water fountains.

Stain Stick

Your bump is gone so you can finally fit into your favorite blouse - then disaster strikes. Sticky baby hands are a risk at all times. A stain stick is a magical superhero that I cannot go anywhere without.

Changing Pad

Our vegan leather  changing pad is a necessary item. It folds up and slides into the diaper bag perfectly. You will never regret packing a baby changing pad around. It makes changing so much easier and more comfortable for your baby. Change a diaper in the car, in the park, at the restaurant with ease.

vegan leather changing mat


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