The Best Diaper Bag for 2021

The Best Diaper Bag for 2021

New Year, New Bag

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and quite frankly, we are all relieved. Unlike tragic years, trends never end, and for the year 2021, the new trending diaper bag will be from our YUUMA collection! Our diaper bag design will have moms stunned! Lets dive in on the awesome features the YUUMA Original Diaper bag offers for the modern day mom!

Functional Diaper Bag Design

The YUUMA Original diaper bag design comes equipped with so many features that are not offered in the traditional diaper bag. From our diaper zipper pocket, to our bottom compartment, our diaper bag offers more freedom and space for YOU!

Remember that awful day when you found yourself searching for your lip balm for 5 minutes, while your toddler screamed for apple sauce in the background?!!?

(Sadly, that was me)

Well, with the YUUMA diaper bag's unique pockets, and storage space, shuffling through your diaper bag will be a thing of the past.

Check out that hidden bottom pouch! You can stash away your wipes to free up more space in the main compartment. You can also hide your snacks in there so that the kids don't find them until lunch time, (because we both know they eat every 10 mins, knowing that there are snacks in our diaper bags!)

bottom compartment

Here is a great list of the numerous ways you can use your bottom pouch. The world is your oyster with this diaper bag design!

  • wipes
  • snacks
  • soiled clothes
  • a dirty diaper when your public setting doesn't have a bathroom/trashcan
  • An extra outfit for the road
  • Stash your toddler's shoes while at the beach
  • & MORE!

    Two Accessible Key holders!

    With the YUUMA diaper bag includes a key holder right in the front pocket! There is also a mini key hook in the interior of the diaper bag to hook pacifiers, hand sanitizers, or even teething toys.

    diaper bag key holder

    The owner knew how stressful it was to search for keys, or even her baby's pacifier, so she designed a diaper bag that makes your essentials, along with your baby essentials easily accessible.

    The key holders are also made of the same premium quality vegan leather as the exterior of the diaper bag giving you a bag that will last.

    Diaper bag with lots of pockets!

    There's one thing that moms love, and cant live without! I know, I love fries too, but it has to be a bag that has LOTS of POCKETS!

    interior of yuuma diaper bag

    We love having a spot for everything, because it just makes sense, and with this diaper bag design, you literally have a pocket for all of your essentials. 

    On the back of our design you'll find a zipper pocket that is deep and spacious. With this pocket you can place in your detachable straps when not in use. You can also hide your personal pads and tampons to  slide them out when in need.

    There are a total of 5 exterior pockets to easily access your personal items, and a total of 7 interior pockets.

    YUUMA Diaper Bag X YOU

    We can go for hours describing the features of this beautiful design, but we want to focus on the most important thing, and that is you. With our brand, we aim to highlight the modern day mom to show that, "Life does not end once motherhood starts". 

    There is power in self love and acceptance, and a beautiful yet functional diaper bag design makes a huge difference in embracing every stage of motherhood. We tend to get lost in chores, breastfeeding, endless touching and tugging, and late nights, but we here at YUUMA want you to know that you are doing an AMAZING job!

    Keep doing what you do best, and more! Go for your dreams, go on a girls trip, do whatever it takes to embrace your individuality with your YUUMA diaper bag at your side.

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