7 Ways to take care of you.

7 Ways to take care of you.

7 ways to take care of you

Self care for mom

Can you remember the last time you were alone? Like really alone without the kids or hubby barking up your leg for something? If that seems like it was a HOT minute ago, then you are in need of some serious ME TIME!

This personal time is needed in order to function sanely as a mother. I've seen mothers who are literally on a bender and physically look like motherhood had change their world upside down. God bless their hearts because they are amazing mothers who have devoted 1000% of their time to their children.

But it is time to prioritize YOU.

Set aside some time to be at peace and unwind.

It may seem difficult to get there because there always seems to be something getting in the way of that. Either the kids are fighting, or hubby wants to play around, or the dishes have not been washed yet.

It’s always one thing after the other.

Demand for your self care!

What I started to do was demand for that time.

I was not controlling or demeaning but I would insist on my husband washing the dishes for the night, while I set the kids to bed early.

Once all is quiet, your girl is DASHING out of the house!

My me time is the gym, its an outlet to release and unload the stress of the day. Its great because on the way there and back, I have my time to jam out to my favorite tunes or zone in on my favorite audiobook.

"Self care is how you take your power back"- Lala Delia

Its time to start prioritizing YOU because essentially, you will disappear spiritually.

I found myself at that point a couple of months back. I was doing nothing other than motherly duties.

I felt as if that’s all I could do because I wanted to be at the top of everything.

But guess what? Being the perfect mom is overrated!

How to prioritize self care

They have that saying that women have multiple compartmentalized boxes in our minds for different tasks we want to accomplish.

Well ladies, its time to push that “ME” box front and center!

Talk things through with your hubby to meet you halfway so that you can unload. If you are single, schedule in a sitter to go out on a girls brunch! 

Trust me, you will feel a difference in your overall aura and mental state.

Here is a list of "me time" activities you can get yourselves into

  • Start a new book
  • Get a new gym membership
  • Write a blog!
  • Draw a bubble bath with Epsom Salt
  • Mani/Pedi
  • Lunch for one
  • Go out on a drive and Jam out!

Get acquainted with you again! I promise she misses you too.


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