Ways to style a diaper bag Yuuma

Our Favorite Ways to Style Your Yuuma Diaper Bag from Day to Night

Girls just want to have fun. This means not only feeling good but looking good! 

As a new mom, or just a mom in general, at times feel like you’re losing a sense of self. This is why it is so important for moms to continue to express themselves in every way possible. You are keeping a tiny human alive, why keeping your spirit alive.

How to Choose A Diaper Bag

First things first. You need to select the perfect diaper bag for your style and needs. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend considering these 3 factors:

  1. Style: Do you love the look? Does it look like something you would have purchased before you had babies? Diaper bags are for mom, so mom needs to love it.
  2. Comfort: You will be carrying this bag around with you everywhere for the next few years. It’s important that you are able to comfortably wear it without it digging into the skin, rubbing and causing general discomfort.
  3. Storage: This is the most important feature of any diaper bag. You want to be able to fit everything you will need in an organized fashion. 

Choose a bag that makes you feel like you! While it needs to serve a purpose, this bag will be attached to you for years. It’s important to love a bag that loves you back.

Daytime Playtime

Park Playdate

If you’re an athleisure mom, like many of us are, we love pairing some leggings, a cozy fleece hoodie styled with our vegan leather bag in the color Onyx. Onyx is a black color that goes with anything! Dress it up, dress it down, it is so versatile.

Woman holding Yuuma diaper bag


Lunch With A Friend

Lunch with a friend after having a baby is always an awesome excuse to get ready and put on a cute outfit. This can help you feel more like yourself, even with a baby attached to you 24/7. Wearing our Yuuma bag in the color Dusty Rose is perfect and you will get so many compliments. If you have a son but love a pink moment, you do you and buy a pink bag. Your baby does not care, we promise!


Carpool Chic

Just because you’re tossing the kids in the car and running to daycare or soccer practice does not mean that you can’t look cute! Impress the other parents when you roll up looking fresh and put together with the Yuuma vegan leather bag in Cinnamon. Spill coffee, orange juice, drop it in the mud and she will be fine! Give her a good wipe and she’s good as new.

Woman holding leather diaper bag

Family Friendly (or not) Date night

The good thing about the Yuuma diaper bag is that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. Some moms don’t even bother moving their stuff to a smaller bag when their baby isn’t tagging along because they love it so much.

A cute idea for a parent’s night out is packing the bag for a picnic. Find a cute spot in the park before sunset. Pack the bag full of sparkling wine, alcohol or not, bread and cheese and you’ve been transported to a European style date night. This is great with babies as well since you can leave whenever and crying doesn’t bother anyone.

My favorite date night go-to is my Yuuma bag in the color Ivory - it’s a classic. This bag goes with everything, and I mean everything! You don’t have to worry about grass stains or dirt marks since they are so easily cleaned.

Mother and child walking with diaper bag

Caring For Your Yuuma

While our vegan leather is super strong and durable there are things you can do to keep the bag in tip top shape. Check out our blog that goes deeper in to vegan leather care instructions for some peace of mind, but the top tips for treating vegan leather include:

  1. Baby oil! Use a nickel-sized amount on a dry cloth and condition the leather. Rub it on and then leave it to absorb and dry.

  2. Limit sun exposure. While vegan leather handles the sun way better than real leather, it can dry out the bag over time.

  3. Stuff it full! To help the bag keep its shape, keep it full. This will stop it from slouching and developing cracks or seams.
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