COVID Safe Outings With Your Baby

COVID Safe Outings With Your Baby

It seems that every time we think Covid-19 is gone for good there’s another outbreak. So until we can be 100% sure the risk of our babies getting infected is gone, we must do all we can to keep them safe. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, or your kids use a caretaker service, we need to ensure we pack our faux leather baby diaper bags with items that help sanitize their hands and surfaces they might come in contact with. Here’s we’ll talk about staying COVID safe, and some ideas for outings that you can go on with low stress!

Being COVID Safe With Baby

When you’re at home, anything you might need for a disinfecting emergency is close at hand. If you decide to go on any of the outings we’ll suggest here, however, you have to make sure that you have both a plan and supplies ready.

Firstly, always make sure to check your local COVID warnings and restrictions before you head out. This just isn’t a matter of safety - you don’t want your outing ruined because it turns out that something is unexpectedly closed. Make sure to have proof of vaccination or a vaccine passport ready if needed. 

When out, remember that you’ll need to mask up even if your baby doesn’t. (Masks can make it hard for babies to breathe, and will rarely be a good fit anyways).  If you’re the kind who easily loses masks, put a couple in your diaper bag just to be safe. 

Sanitation is super key, so you’ll also want to have plenty of hand sanitizer as well as wipes. You can use these wipes to clean up your baby and yourself or to swab down doorways before using them.  This can sound like a lot to carry, but with a solid diaper bag like the Yuuma, you’ll have plenty of room for everything you’ll need. 

While out, you’ll want to do your best to avoid crowds. While it might be impossible to avoid people altogether, try to select outings that give you the chance to get some space to yourself. If you do have to go through a crowded area with a stroller, make sure to pack a blanket in your diaper bag - putting it over the stroller is a good way to help protect your baby.

Now that you’re all prepared and planned, it’s time to get out there and start reclaiming your life! 

Play at Home

Okay, maybe this is a bit of a copout. And you’ve probably been stuck at home for ages and are crazy excited to start heading somewhere with your kid. However, there are a wide array of activities to do at home that you might not have thought of before. Listing them all would be an article unto its own, but it’s worth pointing out here. 

Small Playdates

Just how safe it is to bring kids to playdates is still a matter of debate. We certainly wouldn’t recommend planning big get-togethers. However, you’re probably just as socially starved as your child is. Getting social interaction is super important for young children, and you’ll appreciate the chance to get together with friends. 

Visit the Park

The best COVID-safe outings are definitely going to be those that involve the great outdoors. These are some of the safest things you can do, pandemic-wise, with your children. One of the best places to head first has to be the park. Whether it’s one with a playground or room to play with a pet or ball, this is a great way to get your baby (and you!) some of that sunlight and Vitamin D you might have been missing. 

Partake in Picnics

If you want to spend even more time outdoors at a park or beach (if the weather is nice enough wherever you are when you’re reading this!) why not bring things for a picnic? Your Yuuma diaper bag will be a great help here, as it can carry along all of the picnic accouterments you’ll need, such as baby bibs or diaper changing pads. With some healthy snacks and toys, a picnic is a great and safe outing for the whole family. 

Head for Hikes 

Want to get a bit more ambitious with enjoying the great outdoors? If you have a place nearby that’s good for hiking, this can be a wonderful family outing. Taking a baby on a hike doesn’t need to be as tricky as it sounds. You might not be in a place that’s good for strollers, but you can bring along a baby carrier. As for everything you’d normally put in your stroller - well, you can fit a ton of your essentials into your lovely faux leather Yuuma diaper bag! You’ll get some exercise, and your baby will get the chance to enjoy some nature close up. 

Check Out the Zoo

If nature is really your thing, but you don’t want to head out for a hike, why not check out a zoo or aquarium? As long as proper social distancing is in place, these places can make for safe outings - especially if they’re mainly an outdoor venue. Your baby will absolutely adore the chance to get to look at some animals up close and personal, and you can rediscover the fun of being a kid. Taking a walk around the zoo is great exercise as well! This is a somewhat public place, so make sure to bring lots of sanitizer in your diaper bag. 

Wherever You Go, Yuuma Has Your Back

No matter what COVID-safe activities you decide on, Yuuma’s beautiful faux leather diaper bags will be there to help. Whenever you need a diaper change or need something disinfected, Yuuma will be right there, keeping everything you need close at hand. So don’t let the pandemic prevent you from making some new memories with your baby!
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