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Packing Your Diaper Bags for Cold Weather

Fall is officially upon us and that means sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes. With the weather beginning to cool off we need to begin packing more clothes and supplies for our babies to keep them warm, cozy, and happy! In this blog, we offer you a list of cold weather baby must-haves and how best to pack your Yuuma vegan leather diaper bag.

Extra Clothes

Yes, we’re certain you’ve properly dressed yourself and your baby when you’re about to go out. But unlike you, your baby probably doesn’t understand the dangers of being without articles of clothing in the cold. That means that they’re going to be tossing away socks, hats, and gloves possibly faster than you can keep up. If you can recover them, that’s great - but be prepared to have a backup in case some of them get wet.

It’s also a good idea to keep an extra warm onesie around, in case the first one ends up getting dirty or damp. If you don’t swap it out quickly you’ll have a very fussy baby to deal with! 

Warm Baby Carrier

Sometimes you’ll need to keep your baby close while enjoying the outdoors. To get the most warmth it’s important to pack a warm carrier for your baby. This will let them snuggle up close to you as cozy as can be. You can also get a weatherproof cover for your baby carrier if it's snowing or raining. 


Spoiler - in a lot of places, winter gets quite dry. And that’s before you count all the dry skin and lips from the wind. Making sure to bring extra milk, water or other drinks can make sure that your baby (and you!) don’t get dehydrated. 

Extra Diapers

So we just established that drinking liquids is important during the colder months. For your baby, there are going to be some natural consequences of taking in extra water. So you had better prepare for this inevitable result with some extra diapers. 


We also mentioned that winter will bring dry skin along with dry lips. That means that packing moisturizer for you and your child is never a bad idea, especially on those days with a very crisp wind. Bringing some lip balm isn’t a bad idea either. 


Sunscreen in winter might seem strange, but just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the sun is shining. At some points in the day, the sun can reflect off snow and ice. Even if you aren’t affected, some babies might be more sensitive - so make sure to pack some just in case. 

Hand Sanitizer

The colder months have always been the months of colds and flus - and that was before we all had to worry about COVID! These kinds of bugs tend to thrive during the fall and winter months. Bringing some hand sanitizer can keep you safe, which keeps your baby safe as well. Putting some disinfectant wipes in your diaper bag is never a bad idea either. And if someone does get the sniffles, make sure to pack some tissues! 

Have a Great Winter With Yuuma!

Getting everything together to survive the winter might seem like an obstacle and a half. However, with Yuuma, you’ll have all the pockets and pouches needed to beat anything winter throws at you. Better yet, our vegan leather diaper bags are tough enough to handle the cold, rain, and snow. So get out there and enjoy winter with your baby!
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