Two faux leather diaper bags

8 Reasons Faux Leather Diaper Bags Are Great For New Moms

As a new mom, deciding what diaper bag you want to carry around with you everywhere you go for the foreseeable future is quite a task. The market is flooded and the options are endless. However, we believe that faux leather bags are the best way to go for new moms! Here are 8 reasons why:

Stylish: Express Your Individuality

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you need to lose a sense of self. Our faux leather bags were created to celebrate each mom and her uniqueness. We offer a range of colors so you can match it to your wardrobe, or the season. They don’t scream ‘diaper bag’, so you can rock them wherever you go, with the baby in tow or not!

Roomy: Pockets For Everything

As a new mom, you’ve realized how much stuff you need to lug around with you. Organization in a diaper bag is essential. You want diaper changing trips to the washroom to go as smooth as possible. No one likes digging to the bottom of a bag for anything, let alone a pacifier when the baby is screaming in public. The bag even has a hidden bottom compartment that you can keep stocked full of mom essentials, or just shove it full of extra diapers, you do you!

Vegan: Cruelty-Free

Our bags are all made from high-quality faux, vegan leather. No animals were harmed in the making of these bags. While it is faux leather it does not look cheap! You won’t be able to tell the difference between our bags and real leather. Also, you get the bonus of not feeling guilty about carrying around real leather. Animal cruelty is a big no for us.

Environmentally Responsible

Real leather products can be super harmful to the environment. It requires a massive amount of treatment before it can be manufactured with chemicals that are extremely damaging to the environment. These chemicals also reduce the biodegradability of the leather, so they sit in landfills forever. While vegan leather, on the other hand, combines textiles and polyurethane to create a more authentic leather feel that is less damaging to the planet! Yay!


You will want your diaper bag to be able to take a beating. It will be thrown into the car, dropped at the park, dragged through the grass, it sees a lot… So the last thing you’ll want is having to replace it after a few months, especially if you want it to last through any future baby’s diaper years as well. Luckily, vegan leather is known for its durability and can deal with some wear and tear.

Easy To Clean

Did a little human discover a pen for the first time on your bag? No problem! Vegan leather is stain resistant, just give it a wipe! It is the best material for new moms as the bag won’t stain and can easily be cleaned top to bottom.


Faux leather bags are water-resistant and can be exposed to the elements! Bring it to the beach, drop it in a puddle, leave it in the sun, it’s good! This also comes in handy when jr releases a fountain unexpectedly when you’re in the middle of changing their diaper.


Be nice to your wallet! Vegan leather is the easier to produce and comparatively cost-effective choice. This is due to all the manufacturing processes real leather goes through that we mentioned earlier. Not to mention the cost of acquiring the animals necessary. 

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