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The Best and Worst Places to Change a Diaper

January 25, 2022 3 min read

Black Mother changes baby’s diaper

It happens to every parent. You’re out for a bite or trying to run some errands, and the inevitable smell of a dirty diaper hits your nose. While we could hope that every store or restaurant comes with a universal family bathroom complete with a baby changing station to make your life easier, it isn’t always the case. 

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best and worst places to change a diaper and offer some tips for making the experience more pleasant for everyone. 

Best Places for Diaper Change

Rest Stops

Most service stations on the highway have updated their facilities to include a family washroom with child changing tables and extra room for siblings and family members. This consideration makes diaper changing on a road trip much easier and gives you a place to safely contain the kids and wash up before hitting the road. 

Homes of Friends with Babies

Changing a baby at a friend's house can sometimes be tricky, but if it is another parent with a baby the experience is much easier. Most parents figure out a diaper changing station with a system to keep supplies you need and an easy diaper disposal method nearby. 

In the Park

While changing diapers out in the open isn’t always ideal, if you have a nice quiet spot on the grass on a sunny warm day it can be quite lovely. Make sure you’ve got a flat surface or something like a picnic blanket with a baby change pad to keep the baby safe and let the breeze blow those diaper smells away. 

Worst Places For A Diaper Change

Airplane Washroom

An airplane washroom is tricky to use at the best of times, but how about wrangling a squirmy baby in that tiny space for a change? Parents have done it and lived to tell the tale but an airplane diaper change requires an iron will, quick reflexes, and the patience of a saint. 

Gas Station

If you are lucky enough to find a gas station washroom with a change table, count your blessings. Most times, you are lucky if you can find a door that locks. Changing on a dirty washroom floor is never fun, but it is sometimes necessary. 

A Cafe without A Change Table

Some parents have resorted to using restaurant tables for a changing surface if the cafe doesn’t have a change station in the washroom. While we don’t recommend this route, we understand the frustration. Ask an employee for a clean place to change and politely suggest that a changing table could be extremely useful for customers. 

Required Changing Supplies

Having a few simply changing supplies with you will make changing a diaper on the road much easier. Think of it as your personal changing station on the go. 

  • Diaper Changing Bag - this is your essential bag that carries everything you need for a diaper change. TheYUUMA Diaper bag is durable, easy to access, and with lots of pockets to hold things like wipes, cream, extra clothing, a baby changing pad, and of course, extra diapers. 
  • Diaper Changing Mat - a baby changing mat protects surfaces from the mess of a diaper and protects your baby from the mess of, well less than sanitary surfaces. Thisstylish vegan leather changing mat provides a soft washable surface for your baby and easily rolls up to fit in your diaper bag. 
  • Wipes and Creams - have a spare package of wipes that you can take on the road for quick and easy cleanups. Bringing extra diaper cream will also help your baby feel soft and fresh. 
  • Wet Bag - another must is a wet bag to hold your wipes and diapers and any soiled or stained clothing from blowouts. Just toss them in the newYuuma Wet Bag to keep the rest of the diaper bag clean. 

Like it or not, diaper changes are a necessity for parents of small ones, and they don’t have to be a chore. A stylish vegan leather diaper bag and baby changing mat from Yuuma help you change diapers on the go like a pro. For more options to help your diaper changes on the go, check out our new product line of stylish diaper bags and supplies atYuuma

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